One thought on “Change to Strong Mayor form of Government: means more Power to the People

  1. Hello everybody!
    I just wanted to follow-up on an editorial comment in the Chronicle regarding “changing to a paid mayor”:

    1) I am NOT talking about expanding the bureaucracy or increasing overall spending
    a. Instead I’m talking about redistributing how the money is currently being allocated so that less is weighted towards the bureaucracy and more is weighted towards the Elected Body, or the “Voice of the People.”

    2) Yes, I will have to quit my current job if you give me the honor of being your Mayor, so the question about whether or not this is a tactic to help me survive the pay cut is a valid concern.
    a. However, I guarantee you that if this change were to occur while I was Mayor, I would NOT accept the additional pay.
    b. Furthermore, you would have to be the ones to approve this change anyway.
    Thank you!


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