The People of Montana spoke loud and clear in the 2020 elections.

And here’s what they said:

  • The free market and limiting the role of government is how we best respect the dignity of each individual person and promote equal opportunity for all.
  • The only way we all prosper is when we unite in our shared values instead of letting our differences divide us.
  • The United States of America is the Land of Opportunity – not the Land of Guaranteed Outcomes as called for under the Progressive ideology which is rotting our great Nation.
  • When the going gets tough, Montanans get going.  Success must be earned.  Reward comes from hard work, not from the government.

Over the years you’ve probably heard the joke, “the nice thing about Bozeman is that it’s only 15 minutes from Montana!”

But it doesn’t have to be that way.  

Bozeman is at a crossroads. We can either continue down the path of becoming exactly like the places everybody is fleeing. …. OR ….. we can choose to be a kind, welcoming, law-abiding community united by our shared values of hard work and respect for one another.

Indeed, as I shuttle motel guests to and from the airport I regularly hear complaints from out-of-state folks about their hometowns being overwhelmed by runaway growth, just like Bozeman.

They too have seen their real estate prices skyrocket.

So Bozeman is not alone. This is a problem nationwide.

As echoed by our out-of-state visitors – including motel guests who are in the process of moving here – more and more we’re hearing that:

The reason people are flocking to Bozeman is less and less due to Bozeman being so great …..

…… and more and more because the places these people are fleeing have become so terrible.

The Progressives in Bozeman are nice people and they mean well ….. but we need to pull back on the reins before it’s too late. We’re even closer to being a Sanctuary City than you might think.

So please join me and let’s MAKE BOZEMAN PART OF MONTANA AGAIN!

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