Bozeman a Sanctuary City?

Closer than you may think …….

  1. Below is a video clip of a Progressive leader in Bozeman and a friend of the majority of this City Commission.

Fast forward to 1:39 to hear the Sanctuary City aspiration.

Fast forward to 2:58 to hear that he is basically representing the local Progressive Movement.

Again, I’m sure this gentleman is a fine person, and none of this is personal.

I just don’t see things the same way.

2. You’ll recall that back in February of 2017 Mayor Carson Taylor was under pressure from the local Progressive Movement to declare Bozeman a Sanctuary City. However, the Mayor stopped short of that and instead declared Bozeman to be a “Welcoming Community”. One of the unofficial reasons given in surrounding conversations was that being a Sanctuary City would disqualify Bozeman from receiving Federal grant money.

However, like I’ve been trying to tell you since 2017, the Mayor, the City Commission – and therefore YOU – are really not the ones running the show.

It’s instead the unelected bureaucrats.

I’m going to stop there and conclude by promising you this:

If I am your Mayor and if it ever comes to my attention that City Hall administration has turned down an awarded Federal Grant for Public Safety because highly Progressive City Hall staff felt that the grant’s anti-sanctuary city requirements were unconstitutional – despite being the law – then I promise you that:

1) You will hear about it, so that you won’t be led to believe one thing when really something else is happening.
2) There will be consequences for City staff acting in direct opposition to the spirit of a Mayoral Proclamation.

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