GPAN Gallatin Progressive Action Network Candidate Forum: info I submitted for Issues, Bio, etc.

-Why you are running in 2-3 sentences
I’m running for Mayor because I believe in a responsible and accountable local government which is not afraid to err on the side of transparency in order to maintain the public trust.   Government can never forget where the money comes from and who is in charge – the People.   Life is very challenging for many Bozeman residents and it takes a lot of work and a high-level of self-discipline and sacrifice for the average citizen to just get by from day to day, month to month, and government needs to be held to this same standard of discipline and responsibility.    Only through careful and responsible resource management can Bozeman successfully meet the challenges that lie ahead.

-Top 3 issues
The most important challenges facing Bozeman all relate to growth and its impact on our quality of life, therefore I see the top 3 issues as being subsets of that same issue:

Growth – infrastructure:   Like it or not, Bozeman’s explosive growth will continue for the foreseeable future.   We as a community need to work together to determine funding mechanisms that we all agree on in order to pay for this necessary infrastructure – from roads to water/sewer systems to public facilities, in addition to fiber optic and other technologies necessary to attract high-tech industry and to allow our local independent businesses of all types to compete and grow.

Growth – economy:       We need to foster a business climate that truly embraces economic gardening by favoring local businesses in our development policies and that also supports the Strategic Plan’s Draft Vision Statement of creating new well-paying jobs which will help to keep the city affordable, especially if we direct local government institutions to fill their higher-paying jobs with local residents and incentive businesses to do the same.

Growth – housing:   Similar to infrastructure, we need to develop affordable housing solutions that unite the community instead of dividing it.   This issue needs to be defined by the entire community and the acceptable solutions need to be defined by the entire community as well.

 -Tell us a little about yourself in 3-5 sentences
I was born and raised in Billings and have lived full-time in Bozeman since 1987 while graduating from MSU with a BS degree in Business, including both the Finance and Accounting options , after which I obtained an MBA through the U of M’s distance learning program .    I have been a CPA for over 22 years with over 21 years of experience in governmental accounting in the City of Bozeman’s Finance department where I am currently employed as Controller / Software Application Manager.   I live very happily with Lisa, who has been my best friend since we met in 1988.   Lisa is an independent small business owner and through her I know the sacrifices required and the challenges that must be overcome in order to compete in a predominantly corporate franchise business environment.   The work ethic and integrity that I observe daily in this small business owner are exactly what citizens should demand from their government.

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