I’m running again!

Vote_Brian_LaMeres_Bozeman_Mayor (Small)


After the 2017 election I told myself that I’d “probably never do that again!” …… but since then too many things have happened to rile me up.

For example:


  • Bozeman Public Safety Center:   Yes, of course I agree that the Bozeman Police, Courts, and Fire Department needed something done about their facilities.   But I still agree with Sheriff Brian Gootkin that the best and safest solution involved working with the County.
    • The City just absolutely needs to work better with the County and with other agencies.    The egos and personalities involved need to be replaced by somebody who can put Service Over Self.


  • Decision on Parks and Trails Special District:   Initially this Commission was not even going to put this decision out for a vote by the Citizens of Bozeman.   I can’t even fathom how any Commission could make such a conclusion on an issue of such obvious importance, regardless of any persuasion by staff.
    • You either know these things in your gut or you don’t – you shouldn’t need to have the Bozeman Chronicle set you straight.   This decision was an immediate no-brainer to me.
    • And yes, there are other implications here regarding the alarming power of the unelected bureaucrat under the City’s current form of government.
      • Just like in 2017, I still think we need to switch from a Strong City Manager form of government to a Strong Mayor form of government so that your voice will be stronger!


  • Exit of former 3-time Mayor and current Commissioner Jeff Krauss:  I think Jeff Krauss is a living legend in City politics, and over the years I have agreed with almost everything he has said and done.   Jeff has chosen not to run again in the upcoming election, so I will do my best to continue the excellent stewardship he has demonstrated in committing to limited government and in keeping a watchful eye on your tax dollars.


  • “HOW” rather than “WHAT”:  Above are just some of the issues that made me decide to run again.   As you can tell, I am more about the HOW rather than the “what”.
    • the WHAT is up to YOU.  You are in charge!   Whatever is important to you is important to me.   Affordable Housing, Parking, Water Conservation, Sustainability and Climate Change are just some of the concerns you have voiced, and I’d love to hear more.
    • And what’s really important to me is making sure that whatever you want done gets done right!


5 thoughts on “I’m running again!

  1. Please drop off LARGE YARD SIGN to 404 S.6th, corner of W.Koch. thanks Brian.
    Sensible, experienced, dedicated, SMART, thoughtful…those are only a few reasons to VOTE for BRIAN.


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