How am I DIFFERENT from this current Commission?

Here are 2 big examples:

  1. COMMUNITY HOUSING TAX:   we should be able to accomplish all the goals of this new tax WITHOUT adding yet another tax on your backs.   How?   One easy answer:   Remember the Parks & Trails District that you just voted in a year and a half ago?   Part of that deal was that $2.3 million in spending capability – per year – was to be freed up in your General Fund since Parks was no longer going to be funded from your General Fund.  So WHERE did all that money go?   I realize there are legitimate reasons for some of it, but there should be way more than enough left to fully fund the goals of this new tax.
  2. Your POLICE DEPARTMENT:   a majority of your current Commission has expressed their intent to cut your law enforcement budget and reallocate it to mental health.   Mental health is important, don’t get me wrong – but let’s first hold the other levels of government responsible for mental health to do their job before we double-tax you.   Furthermore, with the continuing explosive growth in Bozeman, I just cannot imagine jeopardizing your safety by reducing your Police budget.