2 thoughts on “(2021) I’m running again!

  1. Brian,

    I appreciate you seeing the need that the commission desperately needs to change, and you have answered that call for the third time. Thank you for loving this city, because that’s the only reason why you’d be doing this. However, I think it’s time for both you and Terry to get a dog, pick up a hobby like fly fishing, and let the next generation into government.

    You simply lack the creativity, vision, and energy I bring, and I would love an endorsement from you, and to collaborate to beat Terry together. He of course, is running for his 3rd term on the commission, and has no new original ideas.

    My name is Christopher Brizzolara, I’m an opponent of yours and Terry’s this upcoming election, and I want to ask you why the voters should vote for you? What do you have to offer? And what new plans or ideas do you have?

    You’ve already lost twice, so what’s new this time?

    Me on the other hand… I came up with 3 plans (so far – many more to come), and the first of course, is dealing with affordable housing. I have a master’s degree of architecture, got a 3.9 GPA, and did my thesis on affordable housing. My plan for the city is to sell $50K lots to only Montana residents, and I have laid it out in my Build Bozeman by Bozeman Plan:

    What do you think and do you support spending our 12 million coming from the stimulus on launching this idea and revolving loan fund? I could really use an expert accountant like you and want to collaborate in the future together. And I would absolutely love to put you in charge of managing this whole new operation.

    Additionally, I also came up with a huge infrastructure plan to build 6 parking garages, and bury I-90 to create Bozeman Central Park based off the medieval town Lucca, Italy:

    Then the third proposal is to completely rehaul how the commission governs, and instead, I want to install direct democracy, in blend between the Ancient Greeks’ form of government with the current Swiss National government that is over 700 years old. I have laid that plan out in my Govern Bozeman by Bozeman Plan:

    So… after reviewing all my plans, why should anyone vote for you over me? And once again, what original ideas do you have to offer to Bozeman?

    Finally do you support my proposals, and if not, what do you have a problem about.

    Christopher Brizzolara
    Mayoral Candidate for Bozeman 2021


    • Thank you for the offer to look at your ideas, Christopher, but I’ve found that it’s best if I just focus on my own campaign. I’ll see you at the candidate forums.
      Until then,


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